Unlock the Purest Sound with Our High-Performance Power Cables

At the heart of our power cables lies a commitment to exceptional sound quality. We craft our conductors using high-purity oxygen-free copper, setting the stage for an unparalleled listening experience.

Why should you choose our power cables?

1. Reduced Noise Floor: Our power cables are meticulously designed to minimize both background noise and noise floor, ensuring that every musical nuance shines through.

2. Multiple Shielding Layers: We employ advanced multiple shielding techniques to fend off electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). This results in pristine, interference-free sound.

3. Custom Shield Grounding System: Our innovative shield grounding system allows audiophiles to tailor their setup. You can choose to float or ground the outer shield, providing flexibility that complements your unique audio system.

4. Copper Alligator Clip: Our attention to detail extends to the alligator clip, which is also made of copper. This copper-to-copper connection ensures the highest signal integrity.

5. Tailored Sound: Our extensive listening tests have revealed that different audio components respond distinctively to shield grounding. Explore the sonic benefits for yourself, and fine-tune your audio system to your preferences.

Experience the Art of Sound Unleashed

Our power cables are more than just accessories – they are your gateway to a transcendent listening experience. Elevate your audio system to new heights with our power cables and discover the true essence of music. Choose quality, choose excellence, choose us.



Base on the success of the SP-series, the SV-series improves further by using 101% IACS solid-core copper conductor. Natural minerals, Rare Earth Element Composition, are being utilized to absorb RFI and EMI.



New hybrid design that uses solid-core and multi-strand conductors. Introducing Germanium into the design of the cable for the first time. Power 3, Pure 3 and X 3 feature our custom-made stainless steel IEC and AC shell for maximum shielding.



Entry level B Series that is exceptional value for the money.