Our power cable conductors are made of high purity oxygen-free copper.  Noise floor and background noise are to be reduced to a minimum by utilizing multiple shielding.  The lower the noise floor, the clearer you can get to the essence of music.  Multiple shielding is used to reject most of the EMI and RFI.  Together with our discrete shield grounding system, our power cable lets audiophiles choose the grounding method of the outer shield– floating or grounded.  The shield grounding connects the outer shielding to the equipment chassis through the alligator clip (which is also made of copper).  During our extensive listening tests, we concluded that different systems (different components in the system!) behave distinctively when the outer shielding is being floated or grounded.  Experience yourself the significance of using shield grounding in your system!!!



Base on the success of the SP-series, the SV-series improves further by using 101% IACS solid-core copper conductor. Natural minerals, Rare Earth Element Composition, are being utilized to absorb RFI and EMI.



New hybrid design that uses solid-core and multi-strand conductors. Introducing Germanium into the design of the cable for the first time. Power 3, Pure 3 and X 3 feature our custom-made stainless steel IEC and AC shell for maximum shielding.



Entry level B Series that is exceptional value for the money.