Notepad 2


  • Special formulated cellulose high molecular polymer gel is filled inside the NOTEPAD2 to absorb vibration, unwanted resonance, EMI and RFI.
  • The material is non-toxic.
  • Three layers of insulation: PE, aluminium foil and nylon cloth.
  • Size is 18cm X 12.5cm.
  • Weight is approximately 350 gram.
  • For placement on top of the BLU-RAY/CD/DVD/SACD player or transport, a single NOTE PAD should be placed directly over the drive mechanism. Player or transport with top loading mechanism should place NOTEPAD2 behind or next to it. For amplifiers, a single NOTEPAD2 will work best if it placed on top of the transformer.
  • Maximum temperature: 70°C
  • Avoid direct exposure to UV light. Prolong exposure will shorter the life span of the NOTEPAD2.
  • Prolonged placement on the equipment may leave an impression on the chassis surface. We recommended removing the NOTEPAD2after usage.
  • Life span is expected to be three to five years.