Audio Grade Titanium + Germanium iPhone 4/4S case

100% Pure Titanium:
Computers, cellular phones and other electronic devices have become an indispensable part of our life. The electromagnetic waves they emit disturb the flow of electricity in the human body. The results include fatigue, stiff muscles and different types of pain. Pure titanium is a valuable metal with negative electricity that is necessary for ensuring the smooth ordering and functioning of human electricity. In particular, pure titanium can help:

a. Stabilize the body’s flow of electricity, soothe the mind and improve memory.
b. Regulate the heat in certain parts of the body, to relax muscles and enhance movement.
c. Boost immunity.

99.9% Pure Germanium:
Electronic devices can give off radiation and release positive ions. These ions may upset the positive-negative ion balance after entering the human health. When we leave the city and go to a forest or a beach, for example, we feel much better because there are a lot of negative ions.
In particular, negative ions can help:

a. Make up for the loss of negative ions due to radiation, and reduce the adverse effects of radiation on the human body.
b. Cleanse the blood.
c. Reduce the sense of fatigue.
d. Improve memory, immunity and concentration.
e. Kill germs and freshen the air.
f. Make the sound better. Less background noise.