HongKongShow2014(1)Our Our Top of the Line Power Cable “Vision” is making its debut in Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 2014


Cable Diameter: 1.80”

Conductors: 16AWG Solid Core High Purity Oxygen Free Copper and Multi-Strand High Purity Oxygen Free Copper

Shield Coverage: Copper braided shielding

Shielding Type: Individual conductor shielding

Insulation: Dupont TEFLON and Low dielectric Polyethylene

Extensive use of natural minerals: Germanium

Electron Rectification Processing (ERP): Level 3

Stainless Steel AC & IEC Shell

Double Stainless Steel Vibration Control

IEC Connector Wattgate 350i RH 15A Audio Grade

AC Connector: Wattgate 330i RH Audio Grade